EJ, mother of 7 year old daughter with autism

 "Thanks so much for your support. It really made a difference to have someone step in and step up so quickly without making a fuss. I would’ve been really stressed going alone and your knowledge and calm presence was very much appreciated."  

KC, mother of 10 year old daughter with autism

"Claire has been a great asset to my family, providing my daughter (diagnosed with autism and an intellectual disability) and family support in the disability sector for the last few years.

Claire is a very professional, kind, caring and compassionate person and is very easy to work with.

 She has a great understanding of what families need and require,

and provides sound informative solutions and ideas to assist clients needs. 

Claire has been very helpful and I can not thank her enough for all her help over the years. 

My daughter has shown a huge improvement with the assistance and guidance with services that Claire has put in place for her. 

I highly recommend Claire to any family.  

I'm so thankful for all the help Claire has given my daughter and my family. 

My daughter has finally made significant progress and I'm very happy with all the outcomes." 

mother of 42 year old son with autism

"I met and have known and worked alongside Claire since Nov 2016. She was appointed as my son’s coordinator to manage his NDIS programme. 

Claire was always professional and worked together with us and did a magnificent job of searching and implementing services my son needed so badly. That involved a lot of hard work and she went over her call of duty to see my son’s needs were taken care of the best they could. My daughter, who was involved in decision making and I were very happy for the sound, diligent and caring way things were put into place by Claire for him and it made our load a lot lighter due to her being there to assist us. 

We are having a review of our NDIS soon. We intend to keep Claire on for the rest of our journey, as we are pleased with her conduct and help. We can then rest assured that we are receiving good, trouble free and sound services. We will continue to have co-ordination carried out by Claire. 

Those who are considering taking Claire on board, I know if you do so, you will have no regrets."

mother of 14 year old son with autism & 18 year old daughter with autism

"Claire has been an invaluable source of support, information and guidance. Her extensive knowledge and dedication to always achieve the best outcome for my children is wonderful. Claire's cheerful and compassionate nature makes such a difference when dealing with difficult and challenging situations."