NDIS Support Coordination

NDIS Support Coordination

What is it?

NDIS Support Coordination is a service that is sometimes included in an NDIS participant's plan. It is to help you understand how to implement the right supports needed to achieve your goals. This includes mainstream as well as funded supports. It is also there to help you understand your responsibilities as an NDIS participant and to help you find your way around the NDIS participant portal so you can keep track of things and process claims if needed. It's essentially a helping hand up what can sometimes feel like a bit of a mountain. 

How does it work?

A good support coordinator will provide support and assistance in a number of ways, including help to:

  • assess mainstream, community, informal and provider options
  • choose preferred options or providers
  • negotiate services to be provided and their prices, develop service agreements and create service bookings with preferred providers
  • negotiate services and prices as part of any quotable supports
  • arrange any assessments required to determine the nature and type of funding required 
  • decide the budget for each support type and advise any relevant plan manager of the breakdown of funds
  • liaise with any plan manager to establish the appropriate claim categories and attribute the correct amount of funds
  • link to mainstream or community services (i.e. housing, education, transport, health)
  • strengthen and enhance capacity to coordinate supports, self direct and manage supports and participate in the community, including providing assistance to:
    • resolve problems or issues that arise
    • understand your responsibilities under service agreements
    • change or end a service agreement

Your support coordinator will also help you prepare for your plan review by helping you:

  • assess whether you achieved your goals and got value for money for your plan
  • identify solutions to problems experienced in implementing the plan
  • consider new goals
  • Different people have different needs and preferences when it comes to support coordination - at Autism Abilities we work with you in the way that suits you and fits in best with your life. This might mean most of our work is done by phone &/or by email or Skype, you may prefer face-to-face meetings or a combination of these things.  

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How much does it cost?

In accordance with the NDIS Price Guide 2018/19, support coordination is charged at an hourly rate of $96.04. There may also be some additional travel costs depending on where you are located but these will be discussed & agreed with you before making a service agreement. 

If your NDIS Plan has support coordination in it this will be an agency managed support which means that you do not need to make any payments but you will be required to approve the work completed as outlined in your monthly statement with a simple email.

If you do not have support coordination in your plan but would benefit from this support you can access the service on a privately funded fee for service basis which is also charged at the NDIS Price Guide rate.


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